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Here's What To Do At A Boring Cocktail Party This Weekend

After the initial hellos, a few glasses of champagne and the exchanging of white elephant gifts, holiday parties can experience a bit of a lull. The next time you find yourself facing boredom, but unable to leave without coming across as rude, grab a cocktail napkin and impress your friends with this origami-inspired Christmas tree.

In the video above, YouTuber and home-hack master Dave Hax explains how to make a Christmas tree fashioned out of a (preferably green) napkin, in less than a minute:

1. First, make sure the napkin is folded so all the open corners are at the bottom.

2. Take the top leaf and fold it over.

3. Repeat by folding over the next three leaves.

4. Turn it over and draw a line through the center of the napkin.

5. Fold the sides over (the bottom will be the top of your tree).

6. Flip your tree over and fold the leaves, tucking them into the leaf above them.

7. For the final step, fold the bottom and tuck it under a flap in the back.

Hax also showed how to add little stars to make the tree more festive and add a wine cork as a stump. It might be made from a napkin but this tree is exponentially easier to clean up.

You're welcome.

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