The 11 Most Stunning Christmas Trees From Around The World

Christmas trees are like snowflakes -- no two are alike. From Brazil to Norway to the Czech Republic, the holiday staples can be seen gracing town squares and towering over monuments. Yet they have the capacity to look radically different, as countries twist and twirl the tradition of showcasing trees by adding their own lights, ornaments, bells and whistles.

Now that we're all in the seasonal spirit, take a look at these 11 gorgeous Christmas trees spotted in locales across the globe.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

xmas tree 1

2. National Christmas Tree, Washington, DC

xmas tree 2

3. Madrid, Spain

xmas tree 3

4. Oslo, Norway

xmas tree 4

5. IJsselstein, Netherlands

xmas tree 5

6. Prague, Czech Republic

xmas tree 6

7. Dortmund, Germany

xmas tree 7

8. Strasbourg, France

xmas tree 8

9. New York City

xmas tree 9

10. Gouda, Netherlands

xmas tree 10

11. Lansing, Michigan

xmas tree 11