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11 Awesome Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

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If you have a serious traveler in your life you probably know that the only thing that gets them more excited than a plane ticket is something that will make their travel more enjoyable. For that reason the members of travel website, have put together their list of the travel toys they'd like to receive this year. As member Amy Marie from Florida says "...the best gifts to receive would be things that would be useful, wouldn't take up space in my luggage, and would help me travel better."

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1. Noise-Canceling Headphones


"NOISE-CANCELING HEAD PHONES!!! See, I'm yelling and you can't even hear me." From Trippy member Ross Weber of Manhattan Beach, California

2. Meshu Jewelry


"Another item on my list is a pendant and earrings from Meshu. These are customized geometric pieces based on locations that are special to you. You put in the places and watch the shape form as you add more points on the map. It's very cool." From Trippy member Tiffany Weber of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

3. Portable chargers


"There's no greater fear than your phone dying on you when in foreign territory." From Trippy member JJ D of New York, New York

4. Handheld scale


"I have a handheld scale to weigh my luggage and couldn't live without it." From Trippy member Christie Butterfield of Hershey, Pennsylvania

5. GoPro HERO4


"I've been eyeing the new GoPro HERO4. They are small, portable and take some of the best pictures I have ever seen. Plus, there is an app for your iPhone where you can hook your phone up to the wifi on the GoPro. Every picture you take is automatically stored on your phone." From Trippy member Valerie Axworthy of Los Angeles, California

Bet you could take some pretty cool pictures of these "Truly Terrifying Bridges" with that!

6. Language courses


"Language courses (Help them prep for their next foreign trip!)" From Trippy member Amy Marie of Florida

7. "Oh, The Places You'll Go"


"I gifted someone Dr. Seuss', "Oh, The Places You'll Go." She brings it anywhere she goes and let the people/strangers/someone interesting/someone unforgettable she met along the way sign on the page. She also takes a selfie with it in front of a city/ country landmark." From Trippy member Alain S of Toronto, Canada

8. Moleskine notebooks


"The low-tech Moleskine notebook. Let's face it, there's really no substitute for pen and paper, and the pocket at the back is perfect for holding business cards and receipts." From Trippy member Pamela Peterson of New Canaan, Connecticut

9. Vintage travel collectibles


"I especially love old globes and 1950s era American Tourister." From Trippy member Cherie Y

10. Scratch Map


"...definitely that Scratch Map! It's really fun to see visually where you've been and dream about where to go next!" From Trippy member Cherie Y

11. AppleTV


"I like to bring an AppleTV so I can stream my recent photos from my phone to the TV to recap our day (and of course pull up some Archer on Netflix...). And it's small enough, I can usually sneak into my wife's purse without her knowing!" From Trippy member Andrew Werhane of Manhattan Beach, California

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