Christoph Gowans: Albums As Book Covers

Christoph Gowans is an experienced British art director who has designed mainstream magazines and bestselling albums, including sleeve designs for The Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

He's also a playful artist, and a couple of years ago began a project called The Record Books, re-imagining classic albums as book titles - he designs the covers, and also writes a sentence or two about the book's content. For example, Are You Experienced? becomes "Charismatic Harvard whizkid Hendrix’s self-help bible. A spin-off from his phenomenally successful TV reality show, ’The Experience’", while Abbey Road is "The story of two catholic sisters growing up in a swiftly changing post-war Britain. Guess what? It doesn’t end well."

Reminiscent of Olly Moss's glorious Video Game Classics, they're available to buy as postcards or prints from Gowans' website The Rockpot.

(And Gowans hasn't ended his reinvention of music art there - he's also reinvented classic albums as apps.)

See some of his work below. Which album would you like to see him tackle next? Let us know in the comments!

Christoph Gowans's Record Books

(h/t Buzzfeed)