Christopher Anspach Serves 10 Days In Iowa County Jail For Overdue Library Books


"Crime and Punishment" just jumped to the top of Christopher Anspach's reading list.

An Iowa court sentenced Anspach to 10 days in county jail for failing to return his overdue library books, according to The Smoking Gun.

Anspach, 28, borrowed 27 books and other media from the Newton Public Library on Jan. 17. After months without returning the items and not responding to overdue notices, the library, which values the borrowed items at $770.67, decided to take the case to the next level.

"After several attempts had been made to contact Anspach by phone and certified mail with no luck, Newton Library contacted the Newton City Attorney and Newton Police Dept," according to a July 26 complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

It remains unclear whether Anspach will be catching up on any reading while serving time. According to the "Books" section of Anspach's MySpace account, discovered by The Weekly Vice, Ansapch says, "HAHAHA!!! I dont f***in read!"

In addition to 10 days at the Jasper County Jail for the misdemeanor theft, the court ordered Anspach to pay restitution to the library and a $625 fine.

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