Christopher Hitchen's "God Is Not Great" Reviewed By Own Brother For Daily Mail

Christopher God Is Not Great Hitchens is still doing publicity rounds for latest controversial tome, stopping by BookExpo America this weekend to promote the book. Meanwhile, God Is Not Great, the latest in 2007's crop of atheist lit, is priming up for U.K. release. Which leads to an interesting quandry. Should Christopher's brother Peter, a card-carrying member of the Church of England, opponent of the Iraq war and columnist for the Mail on Sunday, review God Is Not Great? The Daily Mail thought it would be a great idea:

I never imagined that scripture had the fact-checked authenticity of, say, an account in The New York Times -- though as we know even that grand newspaper sometimes publishes made-up stories without realising it. Did the Supper at Emmaus really take place? How I hope that it did, but I do not know that it did, in the way that I know a British soldier has recently been flown home dead from Basra or Helmand, or even in the way that I know that another such soldier will soon make the same sad journey.

Oh, and the topic of Christopher Hitchens' BookExpo panel? Ethics in book reviewing.

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