Christopher Hitchens: McCain "Losing Capacity, He's Just Not Quite The Man He Was"

Christopher Hitchens defended his endorsement of Obama on The O'Reilly Factor on Friday. Subbing in for O'Reilly was Laura Ingraham, and the exchange (who would have thought!) got a bit heated at times. Ingraham was rather incredulous as to how Hitchens could support Obama. Hitchens responded that everything Obama has said since his first debate with Hillary Clinton "has been getting better." Hitchens also, reluctantly, uttered rather harsh criticism of McCain:

"McCain is, in my judgment, I hate to have to say it of such a person, is losing height, losing capacity, he's just not quite the man he was. One proof of that, you might add, is his choice of running mate and potential vice president."

On a lighter note, during a testy exchange about Obama and Pakistan, Hitchens, while refuting Ingraham, said, "No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry darling." Quickly catching himself, Hitchens asked the host, "May I say darling?" Ingraham replied with a firm, "No, you may not."