My Heart Is With Australia

The Honorable Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister of Australia
PO Box 476
Morningside, QLD 4170

Dear Prime Minister Rudd,

Please understand as a U.S. citizen that my heart goes out to the family of Christopher Lane of Melbourne and everyone of your wonderful nation on the tragic and senseless loss of one of your citizens. Clearly he was a fine young man. I am deeply moved. I feel a close bond with your people because of the wonderful treatment I was given during my professional performances in your country. From the first day I arrived at Sydney Airport and the wonderful treatment your press gave me I was given in the weeks to follow given the utmost care and attention by your people.

With this tragic incident in mind, I can fully understand former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer's advice that tourists should think twice about going to the U.S. If I were living in Australia or any other civilized country of the world I would express the same feelings. But let me explain to you that while your country is clearly safer thanks to your recent gun legislation, it is still quite feasible to enjoy the people and the features that our country has to offer and to do so with relative safety. I have advised people, and thousands in my country are following such, namely to no longer jog or stroll at night, and if during the day not alone. It isn't that we have a higher percentage of violent people than in the past ... that's bunk... we have more guns. I have advised joggers to exercise indoors. Your collegiate son Christopher Lane is not alone in the disaster that took place. Every single day in this country as your representatives have stated there are scores and scores of innocent individuals shot to death or injured by gunfire. At another time in our country's history there would have been Congressional hearings day after day, week after week until the final solution was resolved. Our politicians are in a quagmire of pressures. Understand that there are thousands upon thousands of lobbyists and special interest groups in our Capital that are controlling the minds of representatives who proclaim their interest in public welfare. Their wisdom is limited and stifled by special money interest pressures. It would be common sense to anyone that increasing the severity of punishment of those who are found guilty of gun violence would be a worthless deterrent when we consider the hundreds of senseless killings including these three thugs who weren't concerned about any penalties, just having a good time killing an innocent young man.

Again my heart and prayers go out to you and your nation. We all love Australia and welcome seeing you folks.