Christopher Lee Warned About 'Dangers Of The Internet' In Op-Ed

New York Representative Christopher Lee resigned on Wednesday three hours after shirtless photos of him (and accompanying flirty emails) surfaced on the Internet.

But now that Lee is out (and exposed) many discrepancies between his personal and public life are emerging, too. For example: in 2009 he wrote an editorial The Tonawanda News about the safety of children on the internet, namely warning against internet predators. Lee lauded the proposed Student Internet Safety Act, which sought to "educate students about appropriate online behavior, protect them from online predators."

Lee apparently was not very skilled in hiding his social hypocrisies, according to the blogger who broke the story. Last night CNN's Piers Morgan interviewed Maureen O'Connor, the Gawker reporter who scooped Lee's shirtless photos.

O'Connor said she was approached by a 34-year-old woman who, after some light Googling, realized the man sending her flirtatious emails and photos was a married Congressman. How did she know? For one, he was using his main email account, with real name attached, and instead of calling himself a Congressman, claimed he was a 'lobbyist'. "It's really shocking how little effort he took to cover his tracks," O'Connor noted. She was herself surprised that Lee resigned so quickly for what Piers Morgan called "putting a silly picture on a website."

But perhaps the most entertaining part of the CNN interview is when Morgan cuts O'Connor off and turns to Donald Trump to ask his opinion on the matter (his response evoked immediate laughter in the audience).