Man Steals Butt Plug Because He's 'Embarrassed' To Buy It: Police

The man was released after posting a $500 bond -- about $470.02 more than the cost of the sex toys he allegedly stole.
Indian River County Jail

Buying a butt plug might be embarrassing, but is it not worse to be caught shoplifting one?

Christopher Masters, 33, was arrested Dec. 10 after a manager at a Spencer's Gifts store in Vero Beach, Florida, reported seeing him stick two sex toys down his khaki shorts, according to The Smoking Gun.

The sex toys were described as an "Arouz'd screw butt plug," and an "Arouz'd stroker can," both typically used for masturbation.

The cost of both products: $29.98.

When Masters left the store with his shorts allegedly loaded with toys, store security detained him.

The security staff told police that Masters supposedly admitted that he had enough money to pay for them, but was “too embarrassed to pay for them because they were sex toys,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

Masters was arrested and taken to the Indian River County Jail and charged with one misdemeanor shoplifting count.

Masters was released shortly after midnight after posting $500 bond -- about $470.02 more than the cost of the sex toys he was allegedly too embarrassed to purchase.

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