Meet The Art Student Who Spent 60 Hours On An Amazingly Realistic Beyoncé Portrait

When Christopher Minafo decided to honor Beyoncé through art, he took on something bigger than himself -- literally.

The New York University art student painted Queen Bey on a canvas that's taller than he is. The painting took him more than 60 hours across a period of 14 days, and Christopher got it all on video.

“Since this was the biggest project I’ve taken on thus far I wanted to make sure I got the entire thing on video, so I could share my process with anyone that was curious,” he said in an email to The Huffington Post.

The artist just turned 20, but made the painting when he was 19. He called the project “a send away” for his teen years and chose the singer as his subject because of the impact she’s had on his life.

“The painting is really meant to be a thank-you for all the times Beyoncé’s music has made my day that much better,” he said.

Paint is not the only medium Christopher uses to display his talent. While he says painting is “probably the most exciting,” he enjoys going digital on tablets for intricate details and appreciates using pencils since they’re so portable. Using a variety of tools, he’s completed works of art that focus on other celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Watson.

The celebrities Christopher chooses to spotlight with his art are inspirations to him because of their work ethic. Beyoncé is at the top of that list, which also includes Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande. Though their expertise is in music, they’re dedicated to their art just like Christopher is dedicated to his.

“They have a kind of skill that takes a lot of practice to acquire. I really respect that.”

Check out some of Christopher’s work below (including his finished Beyoncé painting) and head over to his Instagram for more.

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