Christopher Rolling Fox Assaults Ex-Girlfriend, Who Fights Him With Nunchuks: Cops

Woman Goes Ninja On Violent Ex, Fights Him With Nunchuks: Cops

A Maine woman defended herself with nunchuks during a nightmarish encounter with an ex-boyfriend last weekend, police say.

Christopher Rolling Fox, 33, allegedly forced his way into his ex-girlfriend's Winslow apartment on Saturday night, angry because he "thought she was seeing another man," Lt. Josh Veilleux told the Portland Press Herald.

The woman, whose name has not been released, says she answered her door at around 10 pm and told Fox, who had been drinking, to leave. She told police that he pushed her out of the way and into the kitchen table, inciting a struggle during which Fox punched and kicked her repeatedly, the New York Daily News reports.

"The fight was so violent that the stove and refrigerator had been knocked out of place," Veilleux told the Press.

The woman dialed 911, but Fox allegedly snatched her phone away and struck her with a chin-up bar that he ripped off the wall before she could say anything to the operator.

That's when she grabbed a pair of nunchuks, which she had hanging on the wall as decoration, and used them to hit him several times. She broke free to make a second 911 call, and she was able to give the dispatcher her address before Fox once again grabbed the phone.

Fox then threatened to kill himself with a knife and tried to lock the woman in the apartment, she told officers.

She said she managed to escape the building. Fox chased her, but ran away when he saw that she was once again phoning 911.

The officers who tracked down and arrested Fox said he was uncooperative and gave them a false name. However, police already had a photo of Fox on record, which they used to identify him, the Sun Journal reports.

He has been charged with aggravated criminal trespassing, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence assault, criminal mischief, obstructing the report of a crime, marijuana possession, and failure to provide a correct name, address and date of birth.

The woman was treated at an emergency room for her injuries.

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