Christie Brinkley 'Was Forced To Hose Down' Woman Peeing On Her Hamptons Property

"I know it's Independence Day but that does not mean 'free to pee.'"
Land of the free, home of the pee. 
Land of the free, home of the pee. 

Word to the wise: don't urinate outside. And definitely, definitely don't urinate on Christie Brinkley's property. 

The supermodel shared a crazy encounter with a person who decided to pee on her yard in the Hamptons on July 4th. In a Facebook post full of bathroom humor, Brinkley said she whipped out a hose to stop the pissing match from going any further. 

"I know it's Independence Day but that does not mean 'free to pee' in front of my guests and me at my fireworks gathering," the 62-year-old wrote. "Maybe the trespasser should celebrate 'Depends Day' as she apparently thinks she lives in 'The Land of the Pee,' and I was forced to hose down her mess after she urinated in my yard all the while throwing things at me." 

Brinkley added that she wanted to "live in the Land of the Free from belligerent drunken stalkers with weak bladders and foul mouths" and would raise a glass of her own prosecco to making her wish come true. 

While Brinkley was dealing with her trespasser from hell, other celebs shared photos on Instagram of their pee-free July 4th celebrations.

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