Christy Turlington Talks Master's Degree, Family, And Her 'OK' Looks

For its 'Age Issue,' Vogue interviewed 'super role model' Christy Turlington, who impacted the modeling world and now seeks to make a difference with a Master's degree in public health from Columbia:

"Now I'm 40 and getting this degree, I might be on the cusp of the career that I always wanted."

She also addressed her appearance:

"I skipped that self-critical place that's dangerous for any teenager. I kind of figured, if Vogue thinks that I look OK, I probably look OK. Working with Arthur Elgrot, Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Meisel, I felt pretty confident in my day-to-day life."

When asked about being the "good one" of the Naomi-Linda-Christy trio:

"That's a way I got attention. All I had to do as a model was be sweet and kind and a team player and hang up my clothes and I got accolades--how easy is that?"

2009-07-15-TurlingtonFamily_1.jpg Above: With husband Ed Burns and their children Finn and Grace (Photo: Pamela Hanson/Courtesy of Christy Turlington)

She explained that after her first year of modeling, her income surpassed her father's:

"That puts you in a different place in your family, and the power dynamic shifts, I kind of liked the power in a weird way, but I was confused by it."

She is currently working on a documentary on the risks of maternity in developing countries. Turlington talked about how her career affected her family life:

"One of the reasons I've been lucky in the business is that I had normalcy, I had a family, I stayed in school--all of the things I didn't want at the time."

2009-07-15-Christy_inside_1.jpg (Photo: Alex Majoli)

2009-07-15-christy_cover.jpg (Photo: Alex Majoli)

Vogue's August issue hits newsstands on July 21. Read more at Vogue or see Vogue's slideshow of her 25 years as a Vogue model.

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