'Chromebook Pixel': Video Hints At A High-Definition Google Chromebook With Touchscreen (WATCH)

Is Google's Chromebook about to go high-def...and touchscreen?

On Wednesday morning, developer Francois Beaufort posted a mysterious video to his Google+ page, which purportedly shows an upcoming Google-made Chromebook. Beaufort says in the post that he knows Google is testing a high-definition (2560x1700 pixels) Chromebook with a touchscreen, but he didn't have any other information.

The video was apparently leaked by, which has worked with Google in the past. A message on the homepage confirms that the site was hacked.

Here's the video that is now making the Internet rounds and fueling much unchecked speculation (in the grand tradition of Apple rumors):

How much will it cost? When will it be released? Is the video even real? No one knows, and Google did not respond to requests for comment. The questionable provenance of the video hasn't prevented many Internet commenters from drooling over the hypothetical device, dreaming of a low-cost HD touchscreen Chromebook; the dominant assumption seems to be that the "Chromebook Pixel" could be revealed at this year's Google I/O Developers Conference in May.

The Chromebook, you might know, is Google's attempt at a mobile computer, until now made in collaboration with third-party manufacturers like HP and Samsung. Running the Chrome OS -- which resembles, for the most part, the Google Chrome browser -- Chromebooks got off to a slow start in the sales department but have recently shown signs of popularity, with Acer singing the praises of Chromebooks earlier this month.

So then: Do you think it's real? The work of a prankster? A final concept video made by a graphic design student? We're still digging for answers, but that shouldn't stop you from debating the merits of such a device, and how much you would pay for it.