Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Scrubs Pro-Union Wisconsin Rally Signs (VIDEO)

Chrysler's "Half Time in America" Super Bowl ad touts economic recovery in Detroit, but scrubs recognition for union activists in Wisconsin.

The highly-praised spot, which features Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood narrating over a collage of images that includes broken towns and factory workers, includes a short clip from videographer Matthew Wisniewski's montage of the protests over a budget repair bill in Madison, Wisconsin last February. The original clip that Chrysler used from Wisniewski's video (see it here at 2:17) features protestors marching in front of the capitol building, holding signs made by Madison Teachers Inc. union.

As first pointed out by The Nation, the footage in the Chrysler ad (found at :50) has been scrubbed of the pro-union messages on the signs. On one, "Care About Educators Like They Care for Your Child" has been replaced by a picture of an alarm clock.

In October, Chrysler reached an agreement with the United Auto Workers on a contract that promised to add 2,100 jobs in America but paid out a smaller bonus than contracts agreed to by competitors Ford and General Motors.

Chrysler hasn't responded to a request for comment.

Here are the two videos:

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