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Chuchi, Another Dog With A Human Face, Looks Like Steve Buscemi, Acts Like A 'Grumpy Old Man'


A few weeks ago, The Huffington Post ran a story about Tonik, a dog with a human-like face, whose adorably strange mug won the Internet.

In response to that story, a reader sent us a photo of Chuchi, a Peekapoo (Pekingese and poodle mix) that looks and acts like a "grumpy old man," according to Jane Pierantozzi, director of Faithful Friends Animal Society, the no-kill Delaware shelter that took care of the pup.


According to Pierantozzi, Faithful Friends cared for Chuchi for eight months in 2012 before his foster family adopted him. Apparently, the Peekapoo was rather particular about whom he liked.

"[Chuchi] is a bit temperamental and only likes the few people that he wants to like -- just like some people," Pierantozzi wrote HuffPost in an email. "If you irritate Chuchi, he lets you know. He reminds us of an old man who can be grumpy at times."

In an epic feat of journalism, HuffPost reached out to the Internet to find out who Chuchi's celebrity doppelganger might be.

Celebrity Picadillo, a site designed for that expressed purpose, concluded the loveable Peekapoo was a 61 percent match with Bill Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, John Lithgow, Robert Duvall, Nick Nolte and Bruce Willis. Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit was a close runner-up with a 60 percent match.

That failed experiment suggested that humans (and dogs, and human-faced dogs) shouldn't fear technological singularity (when artificial intelligence trumps human brain power) just yet, because computers are still too stupid to see the obvious:

Duh, right? chuchi dog human face

On a serious note, it's totally horrible that any animals -- whether they have human faces or not -- have to die because nobody wants them. Fortunately, it appears Chuchi has found a loving home. For more information about adopting a pet, visit the ASPCA website.


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Meet Chuchi, Another Dog With A Human Face

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