WWII Vet Celebrates 96th Birthday By Doing The Floss

You go, gramps!

They say an old dog can’t learn new tricks, but a 96-year-old World War II vet is showing he can learn new moves.

Chuck Franzke of Waukesha, Wisconsin, celebrated his birthday on Saturday by demonstrating the finer points of the “Floss,” a dance move invented in 2017 by teen dancer Russell Horning, aka “Backpack Kid.”

Although the dance was made famous when Horning did it to the Katy Perry song “Swish Swish” on “Saturday Night Live,” Franzke chose an old-school song for his rendition of the hot new dance: Frank Sinatra’s rendition of “Let It Snow.”

Franzke had previously gone viral with another dance video, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but he decided he needed new moves.

“I saw it on the internet. I did the same dance twice before and decided to branch out a little bit,” he told Inside Edition.

You can see Franzke floss in the video above and compare with Horning’s verion in the GIF below.

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