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Senator Chuck Grassley Has A Thing For Dairy Queen And He Wants You To Know About It

He's just like us.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, famously runs his own Twitter account, a rare feat for an 81-year-old, let alone an 81-year-old senator.

As it happens, the self-proclaimed "Chief Twitterer of the Senate," occasionally has a few misfires, like the time he tweeted about hitting a deer ("Assume deer dead").

And on Monday, the senator tweeted about one of his favorite places in the whole world -- Dairy Queen -- and left the better part of his followers and the Twitterverse a little confused.

Grassley's spokesperson spoke to Business Insider and said, "I presume he means ice cream or maybe more specifically, a Blizzard."

Just out of curiosity, HuffPost Taste reached out to the Windsor Heights Dairy Queen in Des Moines, Iowa and spoke to Nathan, the manager, who also served the senator.

When asked what the senator ordered, Nathan said, "He got a cup of vanilla and chocolate ice cream -- small," a departure from his usual Reese's or Snickers Blizzard treat.

When we inquired as to what the senator might've meant by his tweet, Nathan said, "Probably ice cream? I really don't know. Maybe good customer service?" Nathan added that he recognized the senator from commercials and that he was a very nice customer.

No word yet on whether Grassley looked as badass as Vice President Joe Biden eating the ice cream.

Grassley's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post. To learn more about the senator's hilarious Twitter account, see below:

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