Chuck Hughes Continues to Eat the Street in Season Three

Each time I sit down with Chuck Hughes I feel marginally badass as this foodie and his tattoos exude a sense of confidence with a heapin' portion of humility. He is like the bad-boy we all feared in high school who ends up being sensitive as well - Besides that this guy can really cook - and cook he does in Season Three of Chuck's Eat the Street on the Cooking Channel.


Photo Credit: Cooking Channel

Joshua Estrin: Last time we spoke I asked for an inventory of your tattoos any new additions?

Chuck Hughes: Nothing new yet. Filming has kept me crazy busy, but I plan to add a few more to the collection once I have some free time.

JE: How do you spend your life cooking and eating and still stay fit?

CH: When I was younger I definitely believed I could eat anything I wanted for the rest of my life and not gain a pound. As I get older, I realize it is not jut about the weight and I don't believe in diets but that doesn't mean I don't need to watch what I eat. I have an amazing job and I get to cook and taste unbelievable food so for any viewers who think I just take one bite while the cameras are rolling that's simply not the case. To balance that out I use my time when I am on hiatus to work out, eat healthy and try to restore the 'damage'. Some people have a 'cheat day' with food while mine is more like chain of days that equal about four months.

JE: Rumor has it this season is crazy good fun what can we expect?

CH: Well we seem to have a formula that works so we have not changed too much in Season Three. But we are working harder to find out-of-the-way destinations that might not be on the top of people's list when they think about food. We also are striking a balance between cooking with some iconic chefs as well as those people who make amazing food but might not be well known. This season is fun and full of food so I feel confident people will enjoy it as much as I did eating my way through it.

JE: Random question... Who are your favorite superheroes?

CH: Wow good question. Kids these days have so many to choose from and the movies bring them to life in a way that makes them almost real. I come from the days of watching the old school Batman series but my all time favorites are Wolverine and The Punisher.

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