Chuck Kunellis, Son Of WWII Soldier, Receives Father's Letters 69 Years Later (VIDEO)

WATCH: WWII Soldier's Letters Reach Home After 69 Years

A blast from the past doesn't quite sum up the shock that California man Chuck Kunellis got last weekend, when two letters his father wrote 69 years ago finally reached home.

Kunellis' father, Chris, penned the letters to his wife in 1944 while serving as a soldier in Italy during World War II, according to KXTV. However, they got lost in the mail and never reached their destination in Arlington, Va.

John Armstrong, an Australian stamp collector, recently bought the letters from an American dealer and took to the Internet to search for their intended recipients.

"I've been a historian all my life. It's the stories that get to me. If I can finish the story by sending it to the person who it relates to, that's great," Armstrong told KXTV.

The letters reached the Kunellis' home in Fair Oaks, Calif., last weekend. One letter reads:

How are you, honey? Your mail hasn't been reaching me lately and I'm awfully anxious to hear from you.

"I thought how wonderful for Chuck to have this piece of history for his family," Kunellis' wife Pamela told KXTV, "because both of his parents are gone."

In January, a couple from Southern California was reunited with a collection of love letters they exchanged during WWII. The letters were stolen 40 years ago, but were found and returned by a Good Samaritan.

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