Chuck Liddell Talks Nude Exercise Tape

Chuck Liddell Talks Nude Exercise Tape

A naked workout video appearing to show mixed martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell and girlfriend Heidi Northcott surfaced last week. (Warning: link contains video of naked people exercising.) TMZ soon reported that it was part of a viral marketing campaign from Reebok, a claim supported by the fact that Reebok shoes are the only things worn by the nude couple. But Reebok never confirmed the report, and Liddell remained silent.

Finally, the fighter has spoken up about the bizarre video. According to Yahoo! Sports, Liddell confirms the authenticity of the video but "hardly seemed upset by its release."

He claims to have been at the house of Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny when he and Heidi "thought it would be funny" to exercise naked. Liddell denies knowing who shot the footage, and while he does not sound particularly angry about the video, he says explaining it to his children is "hard." Still, "it's not a big deal," he says. Visit Yahoo! Sports for additional details.

UPDATE: From CNBC's Darren Rovell, Reebok's statement on the video: These shoes will give your legs the same extra energy whether or not you are wearing pants."

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