Apparently, Chuck Norris Really Hates The Common Core State Standards

Chuck Norris is apparently not a fan of the Common Core State Standards.

The actor-turned-conservative activist explained his disdain for the standards Monday, in a column for the right-wing content analysis website Newsbusters. The column, which is ostensibly the first in a series, says the standards are an example of federal overreach. He says they allow the government to invade local classrooms.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted by 45 states with the goal of making sure students across the country are being taught to the same benchmarks. While a group of governors and state education leaders developed the standards, the federal government tied states’ adoption of the standards to funding.

In this, Norris believes the government is using “CCSS to usurp power over public schools and influence young American minds.”

Norris, whose face inspired the launch of a 1,000 fake facts, ended the column with a message for politicians who support the standards:

I will be researching each politician to see who is and who is not supporting CCSS, and before this series is complete, I will be publishing their names in my columns, and they reach millions. I'm sure my readers will find my list of names helpful the next time they walk into the voting booths!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Norris’ column caused quite the sensation on social media. On Twitter, users commented on the column using the hashtag #chucknorrisedufacts:

Norris has been outspoken about his beliefs on education in the past. He has previously written that there is a liberal bias in schools and suggested that the teaching of evolution and atheism caused school shootings.



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