Not A Joke: Chuck Norris Is An Honorary Texan

We also heard he counted to infinity. Twice.
Thumbs up, indeed, Chuck Norris.
Thumbs up, indeed, Chuck Norris.

They say he narrated Morgan Freeman’s life, made a Happy Meal cry, and beat the sun at a staring contest. Add becoming an honorary Texan to the list of Chuck Norris’ accomplishments.

Senate Resolution 569 commends the actor and subject of endless nonsensical internet humor “for his many contributions to our state.” The bill passed unanimously. (Obviously — it’s Chuck Norris!)

Norris, originally from Oklahoma, received a State Senate gavel and a flag that had been flown over the Alamo, the Austin American-Statesman reported. He was present in Austin for the ceremony on Tuesday.

Norris is, of course, best known as the star of the television show “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He seemed pretty happy about being honored by the Lone Star State.

Texas Monthly noted that Norris was made an honorary U.S. Marine in 2007 and an honorary member of the Texas Rangers in 2010.