Chuck Testa Meme Blurs The Line Between Life And Death (MEMETRACKER)

The Chuck Testa Meme Is Here

Chuck Testa may have only hit the web yesterday with his awesome local ad for Ojai Valley Taxidermy, but it's been enough time for him to become a bit of a legend.

Part of the ad's charm is Chuck constantly chiming in to say, "Nope! Chuck Testa," whenever someone suggests a stuffed animal might be real, and the phrase has caught on in a big way. People on sites like Reddit and Tumblr are making their own Chuck Testa tributes, and the meme is gaining speed quickly.

The formula is basically as follows: "[Thing that is believed to be dead]? Nope! Chuck Testa."

It sounds simple, but when applied creatively it's actually quite funny. We've rounded up a few of our favorite Testa tributes from around the web, but if you're feeling inspired make your own and submit it!

Futurama Fry


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