Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow Mock CNN For 'Slower News' On Election Night (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow called the Virginia governor's race for Terry McAuliffe and threw to Chuck Todd, who was at the Democrat's victory reception. Surely, she wondered, the place must be going crazy with the news?

Well, not so much.

"Word hasn't trickled in," Todd said. "They're watching another channel, and I'll just leave it at that, Rachel."

"Serves them right!" Maddow said, laughing.

"If they get slower news, what are we supposed to do?" Todd continued. "I think word will trickle in that maybe they ought to change the channel if they want to know who won the Virginia governor's race."

And what channel was that? Well, seconds later, CNN's John King could be seen on a big TV right behind Todd.

Later, Maddow told Todd to go change the channel. "You'll probably be really popular!" she said.

"I think they're looking for the remote now," Todd said. "Hey look, the news is here!!!" Maddow replied.