Chuck Todd Reportedly Set To Replace David Gregory On 'Meet The Press'

Chuck Todd is set to replace David Gregory as the host of "Meet The Press," Politico's Mike Allen reported on Monday.

Todd, NBC's political director and chief White House correspondent, has been viewed as the favorite to succeed Gregory, whose tenure has seen the venerable Sunday show sink to third place in the ratings.

Allen said Gregory, who has hosted "MTP" since 2008, is likely to leave NBC.

Gregory's term at the helm of the program has not been a happy one. He followed the legendary Tim Russert, whose shoes he was deemed never to have filled. Worse still, he has presided over the most dire ratings for "Meet The Press" in decades, as rivals "Face The Nation" and "This Week" surged ahead of him.

The past few months have seen an avalanche of rumors about Gregory, all with the same conclusion: his time as host is quickly coming to an end.

NBC has repeatedly claimed that Gregory is safe, even telling HuffPost's Michael Calderone it was "doubling down" on the host. It would appear that things have changed.

The move would be a big boost for Todd, who is seen as a more devoted political junkie and who has embraced the social media age with more fervor than Gregory.