NBC News Pollsters 'Shocked' By Horrible Numbers For GOP, Politicians (VIDEO)

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NBC's Brian Williams and Chuck Todd underscored the damage that the government shutdown has done to politicians in general and the Republicans in particular in their Thursday report on the network's latest poll.

The poll was especially bad for the GOP. Todd said that the party's 53 percent disapproval rating was "the worst rating for Republicans in this poll's nearly 25-year history."

Overall, Todd said, "this swift and resounding public response to the shutdown even shocked our pollsters."

"These were jaw-dropping numbers," one of those pollsters, Democrat Peter Hart, told the network.

On Friday's "Morning Joe," Todd continued the theme.

"John Boehner and Ted Cruz have successfully done what Newt Gingrich couldn't do: get a majority of the country to blame the Republicans rather than a plurality," he said. He added that the Republicans had also made Obamacare "less unpopular" with Americans.



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