It Took Just 1 Minute For Chuck Todd To Shut Down Gun Control Critics

Todd responded to conservatives who argue "now is not the time to talk about gun violence."

Chuck Todd had a searing response for gun control critics who oppose even talking about gun violence in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

In just one minute, the “Meet the Press” host called out the absurdity of such criticisms.

“Why is now not the time?” Todd asked. “When planes flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, did we say, ‘Now is not the time to talk about’ terrorism or homeland security? When our banking system nearly collapsed in 2008, did we say, ‘Now is not the time to talk about’ financial regulation?”

Todd quickly listed more examples to demonstrate how it was both necessary and logical to discuss issues of gun violence after such an incident.

“If we apply the same logic to every other debate and every other crisis this country faces that we do to the gun debate, we never would have focused on any of those issues either.”

Take a look at Todd’s full response in the video above.

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