Chuck Todd Grades Hillary Clinton's Campaign Launch

This weekend, following years of speculation and buildup, the inevitable finally happened: Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president.

While much of the coverage leading up to the campaign launch -- which included the release of a short video and an announcement on Twitter -- revolved around when, rather than if, Clinton would announce her candidacy, NBC News' Chuck Todd thinks the rollout lived up to all the hype.

During an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Monday, the "Meet The Press" host lauded Clinton's choice to travel to Iowa this week, as well as the content of a memo to staff written by campaign manager Robby Mook, which detailed the importance of teamwork and humbleness out on the trail.

"I thought it went very correctly," Todd said. "And then we found out about the road trip and I thought, 'Oh, there’s some spontaneity.' It actually felt as if she was having fun."

"When I say correctly, meaning, every box was checked," he continued. "They put out the campaign memo that said, ‘We’re going to be a united team, there’s no backbiting.’ The video had every part of the Democratic coalition represented.”

Ultimately, Todd gave Clinton's campaign launch high marks, commending the former secretary of state once again for her road trip to Iowa. Clinton is traveling by van (affectionately referred to as "Scooby," according to CNN), and is expected to appear at a number of small, private events near Des Moines on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I think the road trip gives it some humanity," Todd said. "And that’s what you really needed at the end. So you throw that in there, you take a B+ launch and make it an A."