Chuck Todd Explains Why Republicans Shouldn't Be Celebrating Hobby Lobby Decision

NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd had words of caution on Sunday for Republicans cheering the Supreme Court's controversial decision on birth control in the Hobby Lobby case.

Many conservatives were celebrating when the court recently ruled that Hobby Lobby and other "closely held" corporations cannot be required to cover contraception for employees under the Affordable Care Act. Speaking on Sunday's "Meet the Press," however, Todd warned that the decision could potentially backfire for Republicans.

The ruling gives Democrats an issue to campaign on, he said.

"Normally ... the social conservative movement used to quietly hope for losses on the Supreme Court because it gave them a political reason for existing, it gave them something to campaign for, it gave them somebody to beat up on the courts. What was fascinating post-Hobby Lobby is how frankly excited Democratic campaigns are acting, where it's like 'We have something to run on here on the left,'" Todd said.

Todd suggested the backlash is already apparent among white women ages 40 to 55, who will be crucial swing voters in this year's midterm elections. "These are the women that in 2010, they were leaning Republican at this time," he said. "This time, they haven't been."

Watch Todd's comments in the clip above.