Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper Blast White House Over Press Dealings (VIDEO)

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Members of the White House press corps complained loudly on Thursday about the Obama administration's dealings with the media.

There were two things that Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper -- White House correspondents for NBC and ABC, respectively -- were not happy about. The first was a report in Politico that staffers for Joe Biden had tried to edit some unpleasant sections of a press pool report -- something Politico said was "unheard of."

Todd, seemed incensed at the news, calling it "ridiculous." Speaking to Jonathan Martin, the author of the Politico story, he said the Biden team's conduct was an "outrage," and questioned the practice of running the pool reports through the White House, which then distributes them to the press corps.

"I think we're going to have to change this system," he said.

"Every campaign now, the leash is pulled tighter and tighter," Martin concurred, saying that the pool report should be "a product of the press and for the press."

Over at ABC, Jake Tapper was hitting the Obama campaign on another front: its candidate's lack of interaction with the press corps.

"President Obama Takes Questions from People Mag, Entertainment Tonight, Disses White House Press Corps," read a sharply worded blog post on ABC News' website.

The post noted that it's been over two months since Obama took questions from the people who cover him every day.



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