Chuck Todd And John McCain Bond Over 'Meet The Press'

Chuck Todd is gearing up to host "Meet the Press," and, while there have been lots of changes promised, it seems that the show's propensity for DC-themed clubbiness will remain firmly intact.

For evidence, we can turn to Todd's MSNBC show, "The Daily Rundown," which is soon ending. The show's producers surprised Todd on Wednesday with none other than John McCain, who has been a guest on "MTP" more than any other person in history and whose Sunday show ubiquity is unrivaled in the land.

The two proceeded to have an extremely friendly chat. Todd asked McCain for advice, McCain made some wisecracks, and both men bonded over their shared affection for Bob Dole. It was a far cry from the new "edge" that NBC News president Deborah Turness recently said would be injected into "MTP."

"I can't be so kind to you the next time you're on the show," Todd playfully warned at the end, thus confirming that McCain's reign on "Meet the Press" will go on and on and on and on.