Chuck Todd: McCain's Got No Ground Game (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd: McCain's Got No Ground Game (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd had nothing but bad news for John McCain on "Morning Joe" today. "Lets get realistic," he said, before adding Colorado, Virginia, and Florida to Barack Obama's column. Other battleground states Todd rated as "pure tossups," but then he added, "So what? If Obama is up in these three, and you're hearing very negative comments come out of the McCain campaign about Colorado, Virginia ... and then there's Florida, which has really slipped away from McCain."

"There is no ground game," Joe Scarborough responded. Todd agreed, adding that Democrats were already doing better in early voting, based on ballot requests. "The ground game, it is just absent from the McCain campaign ... At this point, the only state that I feel good about for McCain is Ohio." He posited that McCain could win that state but lose the election, which would be "very frustrating to Republicans."

Read more about McCain's failures in Florida here, and about the campaign's pessimistic outlook on Colorado here.

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