Chuck Todd Calls Mitt Romney Out Over Press Access

Chuck Todd called Mitt Romney out for not taking questions from American reporters while in London on Thursday morning.

The presumptive Republican nominee headed abroad for his first overseas trip of the 2012 campaign. He is currently in England, and will also travel to Israel and Poland. He met with British leaders on Thursday morning.

"Can't believe Romney took questions from the British press corps but not from my colleagues traveling overseas with him. Bad form," Todd tweeted. He later added, "Whether you love or hate us in the media; you should want your leaders to at least submit themselves to questions."

"I've watched every single president (BOTH PARTIES) in my lifetime systematically build upon 'limiting access' of their predecessor," he wrote.

Though press access has been an issue for both campaigns, it has especially dogged Romney. In recent months, however, he has widened his exposure on television. He sat down with CBS' Bob Schieffer for his first non-Fox News Sunday show appearance in June.

The networks have sent some of their top correspondents to cover Romney on his trip. The candidate sat down with NBC's Brian Williams on Wednesday, and is also scheduled for interviews with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Piers Morgan and Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.



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