'Meet The Press' Knocks Obama For Not Going To Baltimore

Chuck Todd thinks President Barack Obama is making a mistake by not traveling to Baltimore.

The host said on "Meet the Press" Sunday that the White House always seems to have an excuse for not sending the president to cities in the United States experiencing extreme conflict or unrest.

“We have American’s first African-American president. He didn’t go to Ferguson. Didn’t go to Sanford. Didn’t go to North Charleston," Todd said, referring to the cities where Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Walter Scott were killed, respectively. "And they've said they’re not going to Baltimore."

"That image though," he continued, "Wouldn't that be a powerful image if he's walking the streets of inner-city Baltimore?"

April Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, agreed with Todd, pointing out that this moment in time is going to be part of Obama's legacy.

"I do believe President Obama should go, and it sends a powerful message," she said. "Because there are going to be more of these situations and I think people really need to know that the leader of this country is there."