Chuck Todd: Republican Party 'Has Some Serious Soul-Searching To Do' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chuck Todd's Advice To Republicans

Chuck Todd advised the Republican party to take a good look at itself on Tuesday night.

The NBC News correspondent was reporting the election results on MSNBC. Some pundits have said that Hurricane Sandy will be the decisive factor in an Obama victory. Todd, however, dismissed that idea, arguing that it was the growth of the Latino population in swing states that would prevent a GOP win.

"The story of this election ... is demographics," Todd said. "The Republican Party has not kept up with the changing face of America. That explains what's going on in Florida. That explains what's going on in Colorado. That explains, frankly, what's going on in Virginia and North Carolina. ... The Obama campaign was right. They built a campaign for 21st century America. The Republican Party has some serious soul-searching to do when you look at these numbers ... they are getting clobbered among non-white voters."

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