Chuck Todd Warns Trump On What's Next: You're 'Going To Miss Talking About Mueller'

MSNBC host said the president's facing even bigger challenges next.

President Donald Trump is trying to put special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in the rearview mirror by claiming it exonerates him before a redacted copy of the report is released on Thursday.

But MSNBC’s Chuck Todd warned the president to be careful what you wish for ― because he could be facing even bigger issues next. 

Speaking on “MTP Daily,” Todd cited a Monmouth University poll that found 54% of Americans want lawmakers to move on to other issues. 

Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, said that gives Republicans an “off-ramp” to stop talking about Mueller. 

“This now is over. The witch hunt is over,” he said, describing the GOP argument. “We could take the off-ramp, and we can now talk about health care and we can talk about immigration.”

Given how contentious both issues are, Steele was smiling as he said it. 

“I don’t see how either of those two things help them either,” Todd said. “The president’s going to miss talking about Mueller.” 

Trump struggled with both issues even when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act went nowhere, and lawmakers never approached an agreement on immigration issues. 

With Democrats now in charge of the House, consensus on either issue is likely to be even tougher to reach. 



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