Chuck Woolery's Hot Take On Racism Goes Viral For The Wrong Reasons

"Race-ism. Raaaaaace. Racism. Chuck do you know what etymology means?" asked one person on Twitter.

Chuck Woolery’s claim that “RACISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE” was met with widespread disbelief and anger this week.

“Racism is the Progressive Left crying out for attention,” the former game show host of “Wheel of Fortune” and “Love Connection” tweeted Monday.

“If you disagree with the ProgressiveLeft. They consider you a Racist. They are desperate to hold on to the Black Vote,” added the self-styled “Hollywood Conservative,” now a co-host of the political “Blunt Force Truth” podcast.

Twitter users were keen to point out the origins of the word “racism” to Woolery, who sparked similar ire in 2017 when he claimed the GOP had never done anything “nasty” to Black people.

“Race-ism. Raaaaaace. Racism. Chuck do you know what etymology means?” one person replied to Woolery’s latest sweeping statement.

“What the Chuck?” added another.