How Many Times Should You Say ‘Chugga’ Before ‘Choo Choo’? The Debate Is On.

Some people say one number, others think another, and some need to know “how far I want my imaginary train to go” before giving a definitive answer.

Well, here’s something new to get all steamed up about.

A Reddit user recently posted a seemingly innocent question to the subreddit Too Afraid To Ask, and it blew up into one of the greatest debates of our time: “How many ‘chuggas’ are you supposed to say before ‘choo choo’”?

“I’ve always said two, but now my kid is saying three,” a user called u/baption0 wrote. “However, my kid’s preschool teacher says one and it pisses me off that there aren’t enough chuggas for a choo; how’s the train supposed to go anywhere?”

The question immediately sparked some pretty fervent responses.

One of the most popular comments cited the importance of the “Batman” theme song in this particular situation.

“My rules is the same number of chuggas as we do for the Batman cartoon theme song,” Reddit user deadfermata wrote. “Na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!”

Soon after this comment was made, the consensus seemed to be that eight was the optimal number of chuggas for perfect chugga/choo-choo proportions.

Others felt that eight chuggas was way too many and, for the sake of brevity, four was sufficient:

A diplomatic soul came up with a compromise between the two most popular answers.

While two commenters tried to break everything down in a very complicated but solid math joke.

One thing everyone could agree on was that the teacher’s preference for one “chugga” before “choo choo” was absolutely wrong.

Although everyone had valid points, HuffPost was curious what an authority on the subject would think. But when we contacted Thomas the Tank Engine to get his opinion on this whole thing, this was all we got as a response: