Church In A Bar: Tulsa Residents Get Spiritual At Drunk Monkey Tavern

Patrons of the Drunk Monkey Tavern in Tulsa, Okla., may not seem like your typical churchgoers. But now a local church is live streaming their weekly gospel service to the bar, reports News On 6.

Breakfast and coffee are served to bar patrons and worshippers as they watch Celebration Church's service on a large screen.

Thanks to a camera set up in the bar, parishioners at the church can also see those joining in from the bar.

For Celebration Church, broadcasting to the unusual venue is part of a larger movement to reach out to non-churchgoers in the community.

"We really want to reach people that are nervous about coming through the threshold of a church door," Pastor Eastman Curtis told KTUL. "We want people to see they're accepted wherever they are by God."

Even more surprising, the idea for this unconventional sermon first came from the bar owner himself when struggling to help customers through some difficult times, reports Fox 23, the first news outlet to break the story.

"We had a customer here who was talking suicide and you know you try to reach out from back here as much as you can, but it's hard when you got a full bar," bar owner Joe Beene told Fox 23.

Church in a bar is nothing new. Believe it or not, such services have been held over the years in numerous states including California and New York.

The only caveat for the unorthodox venue is that, naturally, patrons have to be at least 21 years old to attend.