UK Christian Leaders Denounce Far-Right, Anti-Islam Political Party

They disapprove of the group's planned march to protest a new mosque.

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Britain First have vented their fury after a group of Church of England Clergy penned an open letter slamming them over their attitude to Islam.

The far-right pseudo-political group are planning to march on October 17th against a proposed mosque to be built in the town of Burton, Staffordshire.

In response, 13 members of the clergy have raised their concerns about the event as well as reiterating their support for the local Muslim community.

"Thirteen of us Church of England Clergy in the Deanery of Tutbury, had one of our regular meetings on September 9.

"We were disturbed by the intention, reported in the day's Burton Mail, of the organisation Britain First, to march in town on Saturday, October 17, in protest against plans for construction of a new mosque in Uxbridge Street.

"We support, under the law, freedom of worship and religious assembly. We support, under the law, building for that purpose.

"We also support the right to legal civil protest.

"What disturbs us is the implication that 'Britishness' and Islam should be seen as incompatible.

"We hope the people of Burton will not let the good community relations be damaged by a confrontation with a considerable level of participation from outside our area.

"We offer good wishes to our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community."

The party expressed its anger in a Facebook post on Sept. 27 that read in all caps: "So called 'Christians' siding with Islam against Christians! Burton Mail now calling Britain First a 'fascist group'! They are all running scared and they know we have support for our march!"

Britain First also announced this weekend that their leader, Paul Golding, is to stand in the London Mayoral election and hope to win by hanging their opponents.

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