Church Honors ‘Dearly Beloved’ Prince By Putting His Lyrics On Sign

Call it a Sign O' The Times

It’s got the look ... of a moving tribute.

University United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, paid homage to Prince on Thursday by including lyrics from his song “Let’s Go Crazy” on its sign.

“I heard the news [of Prince’s death] from a friend by text message,” the Rev. Nathan Mattox, senior minister at University United Methodist Church, told The Huffington Post. “And I was like, ‘I have to do this.’ So I thought of a quote of his that would mean something more to the world.”

Mattox put the letters up himself, an experience he described as “cathartic.” He then snapped a photo of the sign and posted it to the church's Facebook page.

The image struck a chord with Facebook users, receiving over 12,000 shares on the church’s page alone.

This is the first time Mattox, who has been at the church for five years, has done a tribute like this. The minister has been a Prince fan since he was a kid, and while working as a DJ in college, he spun a lot of Prince’s classic hits, like “Little Red Corvette,” during his sets.

“I knew the girls liked them,” Mattox said.

When he got home from work on Thursday night, he continued his homage to the musician.

“I came across my used copy of 'Controversy,'” he said. “I had a few friends over, drank bourbon and enjoyed the record -- but made sure to get the kids to bed first, since it’s a little risqué.”

Today he’s still mourning and is wearing a purple shirt.

“I have a flashy peacock blouse my brother-in-law gave me that I can change into later,” he said.

Mattox hopes that people see the larger message in his salute to Prince.

“I hope folks see that the church is just like everyone else, we’re just trying to get through this thing called life,” he said.




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