Church Videographer Molests Girls, Admits To Crime In Front Of Victims' Father: Cops

A South Carolina man is in jail for allegedly molesting two young girls in a church where he worked and admitting to the abuse in front of the victims' father.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gilbert Evan Broyles, 23, of Greenville after a father told police last Thursday that his two daughters, ages 6 and 4, had been sexually abused.

Broyles admitted to molesting the girls inside the audio room at the Greenville Presbyterian Church, where he worked as a videographer, according to an arrest warrant obtained by The Huffington Post. Broyles pulled down the 4-year-old's clothes and touched her genitals, and also molested the 6-year-old, the warrant says. The abuse took place numerous times over the course of almost two months, according to police records.

Days before confessing to police, Broyles told church elders about the abuse, according to the warrant. Spokesperson for the Greenville Police Department, Jonathan Bragg, told The Huffington Post that Broyles first confessed at a church meeting.

"The father [of the victims] was present when he admitted to it," Bragg said. "The father is also a church member and came to report the abuse to us."

Religious phrases and Biblical passages often appeared in social media accounts apparently belonging to Broyles.



Broyles has been charged with multiple felony counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, according to online court records. He is being held without bond.

As the investigation continues, police are asking that anyone with more information contact the department at 864-467-5022.

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