Chutzpah Defined: Vitter and Craig Co-Sponsor Marriage Amendment

OK, so it's not news that politicians are hypocrites. But, my goodness. This just takes the hypocritical cake. As reported by, two infamous senators have signed on to the bill of Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker to establish a constitutional amendment codifying marriage as between a man and a woman.

You probably only need two guesses as to which two senators announced they were co-sponsoring the bill today -- David "John" Vitter and Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. The actual wording of the amendment and the status of Vitter and Craig as co-sponsors can be seen here.

I mean, really now. How much further down the rabbit hole can we go? A man who pleaded guilty to lewd conduct in propositioning an undercover police officer for anonymous sex in a bathroom, and a man who allegedly has a diaper fetish exerting their moral authority over the rest of us. How can it have come to this?

Sure, we know that the moral high ground was ceded by the far right a long time ago. It all depends just how far back you want to go. The list of disgraced fundamentalist zealots reads like a Who's Who of giddy peccadilloes: Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard and on and on. But, generally speaking, once they've been outed as self-loathing perverts, they try not to come down on the rest of us anymore.

Perhaps we should send a message to Vitter and Craig, because obviously, it hasn't hit them yet: You. Do. Not. Get. To. Tell. Us. How. To. Live. Any. More. You lost the right to moralize about the same time you strapped on a pair of adult diapers and/or opened your stance a little too wide. People who moralize lead first by example. You think Gandhi ever hooked up in a men's room?

Jesus, I'm almost embarrassed for them. This liberal blogging thing just isn't fun anymore. Where are the demons? Where are the people you look at and say, "Yes, yes. That man. He is evil incarnate." It seems like the opposition these days consists of little more than sweaty-palmed, mouth-breathing sex addicts or else unapologetic morons whose chief pet peeve in the world appears to be anyone more intelligent than algae.

Ah well. HuffPost's got a story on up right now that links to an interview with Grover Norquist in which the man calls Barack Obama, "John Kerry with a tan." I guess that's kind of evil. But more and more, it's as though the left has become Sherlock Holmes without a Moriarty. I mean, sure I laughed when I read that list of co-sponsors, but it was the sort of laugh I doled out the 212th time I saw Dave Chappelle's Killin' Them Softly. It's just getting too easy.