CIA Denies Cheney Request To Release Intelligence Documents

CIA Denies Cheney Request To Release Intelligence Documents

The CIA said in a press release that it cannot comply with the request from former Vice President Dick Cheney to declassify and release interrogation documents.

The process for Mandatory Declassification Review is governed by Executive Order 12958, as amended. That Order excludes from review information that is the subject of pending litigation. The two documents that former Vice President Cheney sought contain information that falls into that category."

"For that reason--and that reason only--CIA did not accept Mr. Cheney's request for a Mandatory Declassification Review. The Agency simply followed the Executive Order. This request was handled in accordance with normal practice by CIA professionals with long experience in information management and release. It was for them a straightforward issue."

Cheney claims the documents would prove "enhanced interrogation methods" were effective.

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