See Ciara And Russell Wilson Totally Transform Into Beyoncé And Jay-Z For Halloween

The married couple also paid homage to the Obamas in a very special way.

Ciara and Russell Wilson paid homage to another married celebrity couple by totally transforming into Beyoncé and Jay-Z for Halloween.

The “Beauty Marks” singer and her NFL star husband shared photos on Instagram on Wednesday showing them in pink and turquoise looks from Bey and Jay’s music video for “Apeshit,” off The Carters’ Grammy-winning 2018 album “Everything Is Love.”

Ciara and Wilson posed for photos in a setting reminiscent of the Louvre in Paris, where the “Apeshit” video was filmed ― but with a twist.

Instead of standing in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” as Jay-Z and Beyoncé did, Ciara and Wilson posed before a framed portrait of Barack and Michelle Obama.

“From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas... Much Love & Respect. We goin Ape $#!%” Ciara wrote in a caption for a video of her and Wilson, with “Apeshit” playing in the background.

Compare it with the original “Apeshit” video below: