Ciara On Being A Mom, White House Visits And Using Her Platform For Good

The singer is on a mission.

Ciara is a woman of many talents.

She's a Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, actress and incredible dancer (which you'd know if you'd seen any of her countless music videos). 

The 30-year-old, known for her hits like "Goodies," "Ride," and "I Bet," recently released her sixth album, "Jackie," which she'll continue touring for in Spring 2016. Ciara is also a mother to Future, who was born in 2014. 

The new mom found time in her busy schedule to speak with The Huffington Post about her new partnership with Unilever, visits to the White House and her hardest music videos to film.   

I'm so excited to speak with you about your Unilever "Share a Meal" campaign. 

Oh, my goodness, I'm so excited! Campaigns like this, they really speak to my heart. I get excited because it's a chance to really make a difference. In this case, we're helping to provide a meal for a child that doesn't have one. When you think about that, that's heartbreaking. As a mom, I can't imagine if my child didn't have a meal to eat. To be a part of a campaign like this, it's the reason that I do what I do. 

The platform that we are given as entertainers is a platform to inspire and move millions of people. And you have to think about how far your voice stretches. To me, my payoff is to use my voice in a more important and valuable way. 

You do have such a following, and with something like this, you could make an incredible difference around the holiday season. 

Yeah! It'll make you feel good! [The holidays] are a time of giving, a time of love, a time of family -- people can challenge their family members to be a part of this. We're engaging in social media in a way like never before. So why not all of us team up together and rally each other to make a difference? Provide a meal for the child that doesn't have one. 

Amazing! I saw that you were at the White House recently -- is there anything you can tell us about that experience that changed you or inspired you? 

You know what? It's so funny. I've actually seen the First Lady a few times this year, which has been an awesome experience -- and a very inspiring one. To see the power of her and the President's love is amazing. To see them in a room is awesome, it's inspiring. And then, of course, to be a part of First Lady's amazing campaign "Reach Higher" and also her newest campaign, "Better Make Room."

Again, it's one of those opportunities where you're using the power of your celebrity in a way to highlight the kids who are trying to reach higher and achieve their goals. Kids are our future. Campaigns like this make me excited because again, as a mom, I think of my son.

In regard to your son and other celebrity moms, what kind of parenting advice do you exchange with your friend, Kim Kardashian?  

Well you know, it's so funny -- it's actually been a little while since she and I have caught up on our "mommy" roles. Sometimes, before becoming a mom, you think, "What's going to happen, what's this world going to be like?" Then you realize all of these natural instincts come through your heart and your soul. We [Kim and I] had some fun conversations about that. Our kids are growing up and it's really cool to see all the pictures of how our kids are developing. 

Turning the tables and jumping to a music question! What was your hardest music video to learn choreography for? 

My hardest one ... I feel like "Got Me Good." It's one of my favorite music videos that I've done. There were pretty intense rehearsals for that one -- and "Like A Boy," was pretty intricate, too. It was a three-day video shoot for that one. And for "Got Me Good," we actually had to dance in the desert in, like, 110-degree weather. Dancing in the rehearsal hall was much different then dancing in the desert! That was a cool challenge. 

And last question for you -- a sports one. How are the Seattle Seahawks going to do this year? (Ciara dates Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.) 

Honestly, I have great faith and confidence in the boys. They're a phenomenal team and I truly think that they're one of the best teams out there. I'll just leave it at that -- it's going to be a phenomenal year for the team! Go Hawks! 


To participate in #ShareAMeal, add the hashtag to pictures you post on social media. Unilever promises to donate one meal to Feeding America for every like, comment or share. 

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. 

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