Cicadas Northern Virginia: 2013 'Swarmageddon' Insects Spotted In D.C. Area

cicada in missouri.
cicada in missouri.

We have made first contact.

Billions of 17-year old cicadas primed to rear their red-eyed heads above the ground to mate and dig back underground, have been spotted in Maryland and Virginia.

The pictures have begun the flow into Twitter in a mix of strange excitement for "Swarmaggedon," as many have penned the buggy phenomenon.

For four to six weeks, the two-inch critters will roam the east coast. Those who were around when the last brood of seventeen year cicadas emerged -- 2004 -- can tell you just how annoying/interesting/loud these cicadas are.

Some cook them. Some squash them. Some look for them. Some lose sleep (those mating insects can reach up over 90 decibels). Some avoid them at all costs. Some track them. Some tweet about them.

Are you excited about this year's brood? Tell us in the comments!

And check out just how much these cicadas have missed since the last time they saw sunlight!



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