Eating More Hummus Could Help Put An End To Cigarettes

This changes the meaning of "eating to live."

Need to justify your hummus addiction? Just explain that you're saving lives.

As cigarette sales continue to decline, some farmers have started to grow chickpeas instead of tobacco plants. Unlike cigarettes, hummus is still en vogue and croppers are better able to support themselves by harvesting the little bean.

These recent findings have been explored by truth, an anti-smoking campaign that, in an effort to continue to lower teen smoking across the U.S., is promoting the consumption of hummus. Their campaign video above depicts how a choosing a chickpea dip over smokes could put an end to big tobacco.

Tobacco smoking is still the number one preventable cause of death in the U.S., but the hope is with a little more education and a lot more hummus, Americans might be able to change the statistics for good.

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